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  • VC# 676682
    Vessel VC246AHTS

    5,150 BHP Anchor Handling Supply Vessel available for Charter.

    This One hundred and ninety six feet (196 ft) Anchor Handling Supply Tug has a 65 Ton Bollard Pull capacity, a maximum speed of 13 knots and an economical speed of 10 knots, has a fuel consumption of 19 cubic meters (m3) per day or per 24 hrs

    Type: Anchor Handling Tug
  • VC# 408808
    Vessel VC434AHT

    Powerful AHT available for hire or charter

    This 80 Ton bollard pull Anchor Handling Tug AHT is available for charter in the caribbean, she has the highest classification standards and is equipped with Towing Winch, tugger, Stern roller, tow pins and shark jaws,

    Type: Anchor Handling Tug
  • VC# 316408
    Vessel VC453AHT

    Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) for charter

    84 Bollard Pull Anchor Handling Tug, currently located in the Caribbean is available for charter she has two MacGregor drums a 250T brake capacity, ideal for anchor laying, pipe inspections, anchor retrieval and towing jobs.

    Type: Anchor Handling Tug
  • VC# 323122
    Vessel VC465AHT

    Type: Anchor Handling TugMaximum Draft: 4.15m Depth: 4.9m ftLOA / Length Overall: 42m Beam: 11m
  • VC# 228315
    Vessel VC474AHTS

    Type: Anchor Handling TugFuel: 126,000 Fresh Water: 222,000 Potable Water: 52,800 galBollard Pull: 150 mt st
  • VC# 287257
    Vessel VC485T

    Type: Ocean Going TugTotal Horsepower: 1900 Main Engine: 2 x Caterpillar 950
  • VC# 250173
    Vessel VC493T

    Type: Harbor Tug
  • VC# 449023
    Vessel VC501AHT

    Type: Anchor Handling TugDeadweight: 1329.00 LOA / Length Overall: 81.37m Beam: 15.96 Gross Tonnage: 2704 GT
  • VC# 303832
    Vessel VC509AHT

    75 metric tons mt bollard pull bp for hire or for charter

    This Anchor Handling Tug is available for Charter in the Mexican Caribbean, she is fully equipped with Bow Thruster, Stern Roller, shark Jaws, 2 Anchors, 2 Capstans, and a Waterfall Towing Winch, ideal for towing.

    Type: Anchor Handling Tug
  • VC# 413079
    Vessel VC534AHTS

    Anchor Handling Tug available for charter or hire

    This AHT is conveniently located north of Germany and is ready for any towing project, equipped with roller stern, windlass, towing drum and a knuckle boom, this AHTS is perfect for your next chartering requirement.

    Type: Anchor Handling Tug
  • VC# 235487
    Vessel VC541AHT

    Type: Anchor Handling TugYear Built: 2002 Fuel: 268,060 Fresh Water: 25,200 Bollard Pull: 135 MT st
  • VC# 280763
    Vessel VC542AHT

    Type: Anchor Handling TugLOA / Length Overall: 45.00 Year Built: 2000 Fuel: 218,300 Bollard Pull: 130ST st
  • VC# 443355
    Vessel VC543AHT

    Type: Anchor Handling TugLOA / Length Overall: 45.70 Year Built: 2008 Fuel: 242,900 Potable Water: 12,400 gal
  • VC# 410958
    Vessel VC544AHTS

    Type: Anchor Handling TugDeadweight: 5642 LOA / Length Overall: 89.03 Beam: 19 Gross Tonnage: 3764 GT
  • VC# 299621
    Vessel VC577AHT

    6000HP Ocean Going Tug

    This 6000HP ocean going tug available for charter in the East Coast, conveniently located in New York, this US flagged 69BP Bollard Pull tug boat is ready for charter, she is ideal for near coastal and ocean going towing projects.

    Type: Anchor Handling Tug
  • Vessel 265676

    Type: Push Tug
  • Vessel 262579

    Type: Anchor Handling TugLOA / Length Overall: 80.50 Year Built: 2006
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