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  • VC# 316065
    Vessel VC193SV

    200’ supply vessel available for charter, with 121,500-gallon fuel capacity and clear deck space of 136’ x 35’

    This 200’ Offshore supply vessel was built in 1999 and has an ABS classification, it has a clear deck capacity of 4,869 square feet (sqf), she can accommodate 11 passengers (pax) plus a crew of five (5), this vessel is available for sale at $1,200,000. She is equipped with a Dynamic Positioning system (DP1), ABS Class Hull & Machinery and USCG.

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 290168
    Vessel VC195SV

    Versatile 100' offshore supply vessel available for hire

    This 100’ offshore supply vessel is equipped with Dynamic Positioning DP1, is extremely well built, can accommodate 10 crew plus 12 passengers. Caterpillar Bow thrusters and 1700 BHP.

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 351856
    Vessel VC196SV

    265’ Offshore Supply Vessel with stern ramp available for charter, ideal for bunkering, 400,000 gallon capacity.

    Offshore Supply Vessel located in the Caribbean available for charter, free deck space 760 sqm

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 338396
    Vessel VC200SV

    170’ Offshore Supply vessel with 124,000 fuel capacity available for charter in the gulf of Mexico

    Offshoore Supply Vessel with clear deck space of 103’ x 30’, see our list of supply vessels available for charter and sale

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 237543
    Vessel VC201SV

    170’ PSV, Platform Supply vessel for charter

    Offshore Supply PSV with dynamic positioning DP1 available for charter in the Gulf of Mexico

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 676682
    Vessel VC246AHTS

    5,150 BHP Anchor Handling Supply Vessel available for Charter.

    This One hundred and ninety six feet (196 ft) Anchor Handling Supply Tug has a 65 Ton Bollard Pull capacity, a maximum speed of 13 knots and an economical speed of 10 knots, has a fuel consumption of 19 cubic meters (m3) per day or per 24 hrs

    Type: Anchor Handling Tug
  • VC# 408808
    Vessel VC434AHT

    Powerful AHT available for hire or charter

    This 80 Ton bollard pull Anchor Handling Tug AHT is available for charter in the caribbean, she has the highest classification standards and is equipped with Towing Winch, tugger, Stern roller, tow pins and shark jaws,

    Type: Anchor Handling Tug
  • VC# 639888
    Vessel VC446FSV

    Fast Supply Vessel FSV available for charter

    This Fast Supply vessel has a clear deck area of 2860 square feet sqf and has a maximum speed of 27 knots, she’s equipped with two bow thrusters and can carry 82 passengers in business class seats, she can also carry fuel and potable water.

    Type: Fast Supply Vessel
  • VC# 300782
    Vessel VC450SV

    Offshore Supply vessel with A Frame available for charter or for sale

    This 150’ multipurpose support and subsea vessel is equipped with an A Frame a moonpool and a Palfinger knuckle boom crane, she is equipped with dynamic positioning and is able to carry 20 passengers, classified ABS and USCG approved.

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 316408
    Vessel VC453AHT

    Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) for charter

    84 Bollard Pull Anchor Handling Tug, currently located in the Caribbean is available for charter she has two MacGregor drums a 250T brake capacity, ideal for anchor laying, pipe inspections, anchor retrieval and towing jobs.

    Type: Anchor Handling Tug
  • VC# 266188
    Vessel VC454FSV

    Type: Fast Supply VesselFuel: 34,000 Clear Deck Area: 3,100 sqf ft2Deck Loading Capacity: 385 lt Potable Water: 900 gal
  • VC# 430387
    Vessel VC456SV

    220’ Offshore Supply with Stern Ramp Available for charter

    This offshore supply vessel is equipped with a 50 MT Stern ramp capable of loading all types of rolling cargo, she's available for charter in the Caribbean

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 216593
    Vessel VC460FSV

    Type: Fast Supply VesselLOA / Length Overall: 60m Beam: 11m Gross Tonnage: 825 GTLight Draft: 2.2m
  • VC# 442849
    Vessel VC461PSV

    Offshore Platform Supply Vessel DP2, available for charter in Indonesia

    Offshore Supply Vessel available for charter in Micronesia, ideal for supply rigs with fuel, dry bulk, mud, water and chemicals

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 323122
    Vessel VC465AHT

    Type: Anchor Handling TugMaximum Draft: 4.15m Depth: 4.9m ftLOA / Length Overall: 42m Beam: 11m
  • VC# 453543
    Vessel VC473SV

    Offshore Supply Vessel with dynamic positioning available for charter on the US Gulf Coast, this 230’ is ideal for supplying fuel, break bulk and dry bulk cargo

    OSV, offshore supply vessel available for charter and sale, clear deck space of 130 x 45 ft, deadeweight 2980 lt, check our list of OSVs

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 228315
    Vessel VC474AHTS

    Type: Anchor Handling TugFuel: 126,000 Fresh Water: 222,000 Potable Water: 52,800 galBollard Pull: 150 mt st
  • VC# 319726
    Vessel VC475OS

    Type: Offshore Support VesselLOA / Length Overall: 82.20 Beam: 20.40 Gross Tonnage: 4230 GTLight Draft: 5.50
  • VC# 458022
    Vessel VC476SV

    Offshore Supply vessel available for charter, 2009 built with A Frame, ideal for work projects in the Gulf Coast

    US flagged offshore supply vessel OSV, available for charter great deck space 100 x 32 ft.

    Type: Supply Vessel
  • VC# 297289
    Vessel VC478PSV

    Platform Supply Vessel with Stern Ramp available for charter in the Caribbean

    This 196’ Platform Supply Vessel suited with a stern ramp is ideal for shipping containers, and roro cargo. She is able to carry up to 1500 Metric tons and 32 containers in one tier.

    Type: Supply Vessel
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